Dabin - Between Broken Vinyl


Between Broken is the second full length album from Dabin released in conjunction with Seeking Blue and Kannibalen Records. Inspired by the sounds that got him into music in the first place, Dabin weaves through genres with ease as he pays homage to sounds including folk, rock, punk and pop.

His high level of musicality and instrumentation is taken further than ever before as he tackles motifs such as love, heartbreak and identity through riveting melodies and a diverse array of his signature guitar riffs and solos.

Between Broken has been a labor of love for Dabin as he’s been able to craft the project with many friends including collaborators like William Black, Nurko, Mokita, MYRNE, Trella, Essenger and many more.

This 13-track LP is much more than a collection of records, it’s an adventure of inspiration and understanding that we are all here broken, but persevering together.

140g 33 1/3 RPM double sided vinyl in custom galaxy blue colour.

Gatefold sleeve featuring Between Broken artworks and a special message from Dabin.



Side A:

1. Between Broken - Dabin

2. When This Is Over (ft. Donovan Woods) - Dabin & Nurko

3. Drown - Dabin & Mokita

4. Again - Dabin & MYRNE

5. Starbright (ft. Trella) - Dabin

6. Komorebi - Dabin

7. Smoke Signals - Dabin


Side B:

1. Holding On (ft. Lowell) - Dabin

2. Forever (ft. Koste) - Dabin

3. Ready (ft. Try To Find Me) - Dabin & William Black

4. Hope It Hurts (ft. Essenger) - Dabin

5. Remember (ft. Noelle Johnson) - Dabin

6. Feel Like - Dabin & CAPPA